Training & Assessment

Training, assessment and update training is critical to ensure that  site based traffic management operatives work safely and provide the quality and performance that customers and the industry demand.

Premier Traffic Management has partnered with Keep Right Traffic Management Consultants to provide specialist Lantra National Highways Sector Scheme approved training courses to other organisations.  These courses are scheduled at our training facility in Durham, Liverpool or alternatively can be provided at customer's premises.   Our first hand practical experience provides an invaluable 'real world' input to these course modules and our experienced traffic management training and assessment personnel are able to give invaluable advice, assistance and direction on all aspects of traffic management.

Traffic Management Awareness Courses.

Premier are one of the only companies in the UK to offer traffic management courses for our clients. These are delivered by training experts, and are designed to make everyone involved in the project aware of requirements at every stage of the project. The course itself is constantly evolving and updated in line with the changing needs and innovations of our industry and can be tailored to suit any specific audience.